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Alexandria, 2015

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Client Feedback

This is my pleasure to become your Personal Trainer


Greg Lamont / Botanist

Greg Lamont


I have been training with Jacky since January 2015 and have exercised regularly at gym for 32 years but Jacky is my first personal trainer. He has provided me with a balanced exercise program specific to my needs, identifying muscles that aren't functioning and rectified them. he has seen me through rehab of a hip replacement and restored function. 

Jacky provides great motivation and his knowledge of anatomy, body movement and muscle function always leads to constantly updated, safe and effective fitness programs. I highly recommend him 

John O'brien/ Electric Engineer

John O'brien

Electric Engineer

I have been training with Jacky for 18 months. Besides, overall fitness and wellbeing. His exercise advice helps me reduced blood pressure and certainly felt fitter compared with before. Jacky presented me great knowledge with mobility training, it drastically improved my muscle flexibility and getting increased muscle strength.

I achieved full movement in rotator cuff muscle and clavicle muscle, it definitely helps me reduced shoulder chronic pain which I suffered from it for more than 5 years. 

I learned proper stretching and warm-up technique from Jacky, his knowledge in body posture and proper weightlifting technique are also helpful and useful, Currently, both I and my wife are training with Jacky, his personal training is recommended 


Nadine Deguzman

Financial Planner

Jacky has been my personal trainer for about a year now. Following the birth of my second child, I needed to get my weight and fitness back on the track. Jacky has helped me tone up, lean out and strengthen my body through his training and individual exercise program.

He has extensive knowledge in the area and has taught me how to properly use foam rollers for stretching and warming up. he has also taught me correct techniques for weight training. Moreover, his consistency updates exercise to suit my physical condition and goals. The programs make it easy for me to train on my own too. All of which has helped increase my fitness noticeably and I couldn't happier. Thanks, Jacky 

Vivian Ariza

Childcare specialist

Jacky really cares of my exercise technique and motivates me in a consistent and healthy way. My core, legs, and back are much stronger and toned compared with before. Also, my posture has improved and I am more in- tone with my body and getting more confidence for doing different exercise movements, including balance.

I learned how to train effectively and intelligently using the right techniques to achieve my fitness goals. I am very grateful for this experience with Jacky as my body has improved significantly 


James Colgan

Electric Engineer

Jacky certainly helped me getting recovery from my injury which I fractured tibia one year ago, I regained the strength and mobility in my ankle and leg since  I start the personal training session with Jacky. My next goal is now to keep bodyweight reduce and decrease my body fat down to 15% or below. Also to start building muscle and make stronger to prevent any future injury. Anyway, I have to thanks Jacky who give me the chance to keep up the healthy and fitness attitude ongoing