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Joint distraction

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Personally I really like joint distraction technique not only I find the benefit to myself but it was improving some of my clients Mobility in an effect way. this post will mainly talk about the theory behind of it as well as the practical skill.

Space Most of the joints that we use for movement and exercise are Synovial Joints, which contain Synovial fluid that acts as lubrication between the articulating (moving) surfaces inside the joint. When the surrounding Soft Tissue is too tight and/or our movement mechanics are of a poor quality, the articulating surfaces inside the joint can compressed (pushed together) and experience an array of problems, one of which is that this Synovial fluid gets pushed out of the joint and other joint structures are damaged because there is no ‘space’ in the joint.

More Problems Once we lose ‘space’ in a joint, we start to have other problems. A host of physiological structures in the joint, such as our Meniscus, Laburm, Cartilage, Synovial membranes, Bursas and even the bone, become structural compromised and/or deteriorate.

What is a Joint Distraction Exercise? Joint Distraction exercises use resistance band, foam roller or another object to create a ‘vector force’ that literally acts as a ‘wedge’ to separate the joint surfaces from one another. This separation of the articulating surfaces will provide more ‘space’ for Synovial fluid to fill the joint, reduce the amount of friction and allows for much more fluid motion

Practice at hip

Please keep one hip kneeling on floor with elastic band attached and pulling forward then you need apply force to shift your trunk forward by bend over your opposite knee. I n this period of time , your body mass along to gravity will create compression to your hip space which help engage more motion, apply dynamic stretching techniques into this drill will be preferred

Practice on shoulder

You will be suggested on lateraly lay on mat and try the best move your shoulder in a full range then attached by the elastic band on your hand. Finally move the roller or ball under your shoulder ( next to the armpit ) then you will achieve the compress into your shoulder space, you also can apply rolling motion to the mobility exercise more effective

Shoulder complex practice

Anchor the resistance band around a secure rack or a pole that is elevated and then wrap the other side around your shoulder. Make sure that is can securely pull your Shoulder Joint backwards into Retraction.

Now, walk forward until the band gets tight and then reach the bound hand up your back towards your heart.

You will want to make some mirror adjustments in your alignment in order to find the position that works best for you. We want to feel the musculature of the chest and shoulder opening up. So, take some time to explore various positions and find an alignment that works best for you.

I hope you enjoy it

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